Porsche Model in the News

This unusual replica has been displayed in various Porsche events in Europe, notably, "The Mondiale de l’Automobile", in Paris, "The Porsche Festival", and the "Porsche Sport Cup." It has also been shown in magazines including: Flat 6, RS Magazine, Sport Auto, Stuff, and Christophorus Magazine.

Stuff Magazine Stuff - Number 68 - November 2007

Just imagine, the Porsche 997 GT3 as a 1 :6 size replica, constructed with exacting plans directly from the Porsche factories. It would be a world-first!

This perfect double does exist, hand-made, with every detail finely conceived and replicated. It’s such a success that even the Porsche engineers are snatching them up. Even more, this marvel was built by the energetic new French company called Dynamic Concept. Don’t look any farther on how to decorate your office, this automotive legend will suffice.

Christophorus Magazine Christophorus Magazine - Number 328 - October/November 2007

Only the original ressembles as closely the original! Here we have the exceptional Porsche 911 GT3 replica in 1:6 size, constructed by the Paris based company called Dynamic Concept using the documents, the 3D plans, and photos given to them by Porsche. This model is perfectly created, in every detail. It took our specialists 42 hours to manually assemble each of the 70 pieces. This collector's item is 86 cm (34 inches) long, 42 cm (16.5 inches) wide, and 26.5 cm (10.5 inches) high, and comes in a limited edition series of 200 models, each with a certificate of authenticity.